Monday, November 25, 2013

What's Not to Love about Love and Hip Hop

Where is the love in Love and Hip Hop? Because if your looking to find it, then look somewhere else! Love and Hip Hop has taken a turn for the crazy and outrageous. Is the drama a set up or a push for scintillating TV? While promoting hype and stereotypes. This show is like a bad habit that is too addictive to leave alone!!! So what's new and what's next for these crazy music industry cast members? Find out more on Reality Scoop! The latest and greatest in reality TV gossip..

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Monday, October 14, 2013

What's New with the Black Ink Crew? 10/13 by Reality Scoop | Entertainment Podcasts

What's New with the Black Ink Crew? 10/13 by Reality Scoop | Entertainment Podcasts

So what in the world is Black Ink?  This is a Harlem based tattooing business that is whacky and fun, with lots of drama to match.  Find out who's up next on the firing chopping block, and who is stepping up to the plate when it comes to business!!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Tribute to Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor from The Young and the Restless)

At the tender age of four I was enamored with The Young and the Restless.  It was the late 70's and shows such as Dallas and Dynasty were on the cutting edge of dramas.  I couldn't understand then how inviting and absorbed in the world of soaps I would become until finally at age 39, I knew I was hooked and everything in between.

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) was a Matriarchal staple to this marvelous show.  With parades of gowns and elegance, she really fit the bill for a luxurious character with everything in between.  She wasn't just a rich woman wielding her power all over the place.  She exuded class and sometimes walked with an air of contempt for the common class, but to me she was always right on target with her stage presence and the quintessential "Lady of the Manor" .  I loved her debonair style and breed of class, even if she did torture Jill and Nina, and a few other characters in between.  She made The Young and the Restless what is was and what it has become, which is a class of soap all unto itself.

People often would heckle me about watching the show, but they must have done something right.  It's been on for 40 years, and covers many of the latest topics in current events (besides whom is sleeping with whom).  You can't top that!  And I can see the star will burn brighter than ever before, maybe for another 40 years or so......

So on that note, it's time to say goodbye to a beloved woman, friend, frenemy (some would love to hate her, or would love to be her), and soap icon named Jeanne Cooper.  Her persona burns bright, even as the show plays on.  Katherine Chancellor has made the show what it is today, and no one can carry a candle to her.  Cast members Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) storylines were often in sync with the Chancellor family fortunes, now Cane Ashby Daniel Goddard) is left to lead the way.  Let's hope her legacy can survive, these predators on The Young and the Restless- It really won't be the same.

May she rest in peace and may her legacy of elegance live on in every heart around the world!!
Goodbye Mrs. C, as her Maid, Esther,  used to say.  You are gone, but not forgotten......

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Raqi and Rashidah Fight Over Race.....And don't forget Jen "The Pen"

Take a look at what happens when Jen "The Pen" runs her mouth then walks away, and hides behind her "man".

Raqi and Rashidah Fight Over Race: In the middle of Jen responding to the "racist" remarks made towards Raqi, Cons and Rashidah interrupt the conversation and a massive argument erupts.

Anthony says goodbye to the Gioves, and the CRAZY Tribal Council of Survivor!

Anthony Lombardi says goodbye

Was Anthony right about firing Phillipo Giovi for posing in Playgirl?
- Can't say that I agree more!  Cathy has no real right to pull out of the partnership except that she is a meddling mom and spoiled brat, for even putting Philly in a salon manager's position in the first place.  He should have stuck to making pizza..... Just saying....

Is Tracey's Revenge Justified?

Tracey's Revenge??
Check it out!!
 Staten Island star of Jerseyliscious awarded $900,000?

What was up with the last episode of SURVIVOR?