Saturday, April 27, 2013

Raqi and Rashidah Fight Over Race.....And don't forget Jen "The Pen"

Take a look at what happens when Jen "The Pen" runs her mouth then walks away, and hides behind her "man".

Raqi and Rashidah Fight Over Race: In the middle of Jen responding to the "racist" remarks made towards Raqi, Cons and Rashidah interrupt the conversation and a massive argument erupts.

Anthony says goodbye to the Gioves, and the CRAZY Tribal Council of Survivor!

Anthony Lombardi says goodbye

Was Anthony right about firing Phillipo Giovi for posing in Playgirl?
- Can't say that I agree more!  Cathy has no real right to pull out of the partnership except that she is a meddling mom and spoiled brat, for even putting Philly in a salon manager's position in the first place.  He should have stuck to making pizza..... Just saying....

Is Tracey's Revenge Justified?

Tracey's Revenge??
Check it out!!
 Staten Island star of Jerseyliscious awarded $900,000?

What was up with the last episode of SURVIVOR?