Saturday, September 29, 2012

Divas at the Helm

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American Idol Update- So it looks like Mariah has a new diva to contend with on the judge’s panel.  Nikki Minaj.  When reporters called and asked Mariah how she felt about sharing the stage with her on panel, she didn’t even hesitate… hang up the phone.  LOL.  Wow- that is brutal.  Usually the stars are so fake and say something to the effect of, “I can’t wait to work with her” or “She is definitely a strong contender in the music industry,” or something blazee blazee, to cover up the horror of being second fiddle.  But not Mariah, she was damn right rude…. She just gave them a dial tone!!  And I read they are already pulling out the claws and stepping on each other’s toes.  Like talking over one another to make the best points, and so on and so forth.  So stay tuned America- it’s bound to be a good one.  I really think that Mariah needs to just shut up and be pretty, because if it wasn’t for Nick Cannon and the Weight Watchers commercials (America’s most hottest TV Host- I might ad), she wouldn’t even be relevant!  That’s right, I said it.  So you know, she was probably a diva, and they kicked her to the curb and asked cute little Jessica Simpson to come on board.  She probably didn’t give them an attitude.091712_minaj_launch


Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Already At Each Other's Throats exclusive.  Mariah Carey wasted no time proving what we told you 2 weeks ago -- there's only room for one diva on "American Idol." Carey and Nicki Minaj went at it during the first "A.I." taping Sunday in NYC. When Nicki started critiquing a contestant, Mariah would interrupt -- not once, but many times. Each time Mariah interrupted, Nicki fought back by loudly talking over Mariah.


Pamela Anderson and Tristan MacManus

Dancing with the Stars- Starting with a real bang!  Pam Anderson, America’s curvy blonde bombshell gets the boot.  Looks like America couldn’t allow their hubby’s to get too many chubby’s looking at her week after week, so they sent her to the chopping block, immediately!  If it were me, I would actually be afraid of a wardrobe malfunction- Just saying!  And I guess maybe America felt the same way.  DWTS is a career comeback for some and a desperate attempt at survival and validation for others.  What side do you think Pam was on?

Best of Episode 05X Factor-

It’s getting hot with all the competition.  However, I keep noticing that Britney is getting all the fan fare.  Britney is so sweet on the show.  And Simon did a great job in asking her to come on.  The ratings are really off the charts, but isn’t Demi Lovato a star?  It’s kind of sad how most of the contestants discount her.  Gee, they’re both Disney girls.  What the heck!  Anyway, just find it sooooo funny that L.A. Reid is a Randy Jackson look alike.  You know he was married to Pebbles- she sang that song on the R &B charts called Girlfriend- then they had a love child and he was on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen.  He actually placed number 1 in his season as the most expensive sweet sixteen party.  But L.A. Reid is no joke, he surpasses P.Diddy when it comes to making hits.  He and Babyface capitalized on the 80’s and ruled the dance charts with songs by Michael and Janet Jackson.  So it’s good to see him stepping back out into the lime light (with his big shiny head)!  Just want to comment on the 52 year young Chinese lady dressed in the sailor outfit, singing, "My Heart will Go On"…. What a mistake.  But it’s all about entertainment factor as well, so we can all use a couple of laughs at some lonely little Chinese lady's expense.  Too bad for her.  She reminded me of the guy William Hung on the first season auditions of American Idol, who sang, "She Bangs", by Ricky Martin.  Maybe she can go far as a carnival act.  Who knows.  Then you get those overly cocky people who are just so- so, but they get their yeses, so we will just have to wait and see.  Can you say- Sophie Tweed Simmons.    Now hope you continue to be amazed, just like me.  Stay tuned

The Voice-

Very boring.  I am not feeling team Xtina nor am I feeling Chrisitna Millian as a hostess.  Chrisitna is not Nick Cannon- even though they dated back in the day. Girl you can’t top him, sorry!  So go back to writing hit songs and making millions that way.  Xtina Aguilera looks very trampaliscious and it gets on my nerves just watching her.  The whole chair thing is a let down.  And I would like to say for the record, the older black woman who sang a Whitney Houston song, was robbed of her chance.  I think it was because she sounded kind of old.  They had this young so-so average singer, like 17, and they picked her.  So, I really think there is some ageism going on in tinsel town, but it’s not my show, and this one is, and thank goodness I can say what I want!

Real Housewives Of New York ReunionReal Housewives of New York-  

 Aviva invited Ramona Singer to brunch in some posh Park Ave eatery, only to lambast her.  Wow, this woman I have to say has the biggest backbone ever!  Jill Zarin, must be home laughing her ass off, watching Ramona run away every time Aviva comes at her!  Go Aviva!  Then Heather invites Aviva, who has a known disability (she has one prosthetic leg) to model on the catwalk for Yummy Tummy, Heather Armstrong’s brand.  But the thing that makes it like hmmm, is that LuAnn- who has massive experience in the fashion modeling world was not invited to model.  Now why was that?  Is Heather trying to get brownie points?  Interesting…

Real Housewives of New Jersey-

Now, I just would like to state that I feel so bad for Theresa Giudice, because she was clearly set up by Kim D- who is dying to be a plant on the show and she can’t get over that.  The whole plot point is that Theresa was trying to expose her sister-in law, Melissa Gorga- as a former stripper.  Who cares, it’s your brother’s life, and it says in the Good Book- the two shall become one- so you know what, Theresa needs to just butt out!  Some of the finale highlights at the end were interesting- Lindsey and Christopher Manzo are splitzville, and I bet mama Manzo was thrilled about that one! Lauren, the chubby Manzo sister got the lapband- and her new makeup artistry business is thriving- Cafface (at the old Chateau Salon of Franklin Lakes).  And another little tidbit is that Dina Manzo has been busy with HGTV taping some silly show called – Dina’s Party- it was more like a funeral!  Dina was clearly nervous and did not exude enthusiasm in her personality.  It’s different when your family is not around holding your hand.  Right Dina?

Big Ang- Big Ang invented TuesGays  at her bar in Staten Island to put some life back into the place.  But not sure that it’s still on and popping like it was in the episode.  But the show is still very entertaining…I’m still hooked…

Survivor Phillipines- now don’t expect me to go crazy with this show yet, because I am not even sure I like it.  Just wanted to comment on poor Lisa Welchel (Blair, from Facts of Life ) who is feeling alone, she says she doesn’t fit in….Get out the slow violin music please:  “I am not sure where I belong, I just don’t seem to fit in with these people”… What do you mean these people!  It’s a game, and damnit you had better learn how to play it quickly!  And of course your feeling alone- you jumped back on TV without any preparation, and this isn’t 1982- it’s 2012 and you had better join us in this century Lisa.  Your stranded on an Island for God’s sake- it’s really all about mind games if you ask me… You can have physical prowess, but your mind has to be sharp and tough at all times.  But its hard when you haven’t eaten in days and your pillow is a sand dune.  It’s hard Baby Girl!  So you need to have a talk with Jesus (she is a devout Christian by the way) and ask Him to help you to pull some miracles out of your ass!  Maybe if she walked on water they would all like her.  She probably went in with the idea that, people would befriend her since she was a childstar icon- but quite the opposite, they totally resent her- so my thoughts to you Lisa- you better buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride….

Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Cast - H 2012

Real Housewives of Miami- Stay tuned...It's just a hot mess.  According to THR (The Hollywood Reporter) the cast states there will be lots of spicy drama, including cat fights, insults, and a war of the egos.  It's on like Donkey Kong, so let's get ready to rumble (or maybe a Tango/ Salsa will have to do) !!!

Mob Wives of Chicago- Leah, really looks crazy, but I'm sure glad Nora finally got the truth...If that's what you want to call it.  I don't put anything past Chicago's seedy side.  I think she should continue to seek the REAL truth....God bless her!  Sometimes the cheese has to stand alone...