Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surviving Survivor and Other Reality Mishaps!

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fox american idol judges thg 121004 wblog Fox: American Idol Is Doing Extremely Well Despite Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj FeudAmerican Idol:  Why did TMZ release an unauthorized video showing Mariah and Nikki Minaj having a moment?  Clearly this show is not about the contestants but about the 2 warring alpha female judges.  They clearly will not be able to get along, and it seems to be Nikki Minaj fighting for her right as an artist to have a clear opinion without Mariah jumping all over her … It has also come to my attention that Randy Jackson, is also….dun dun dun, Mariah’s MANAGER!  How biased could the show be?  Are you kidding me?  Clearly this is Season 12 pulling out all the stops to build the ratings in advance, but it’s already getting old!  So good luck contestants, because the show will clearly not be about you all….

The Real Housewives of New Jersey:  Well, you saw the reunion show, and if you didn’t don’t worry because they will be replaying it for the rest of the month…. Theresa is clearly tactless in some respects and Jacqueline has a problem with Twitter?  The story runs like this- Jacqueline is talking about her son who has been recently diagnosed with Autism.  And what does Theresa do?  She begins talking about Gia having a boyfriend!  If that isn’t a media whore, then I do not know what is… I wish the Laurita family the best.  But Caroline is not off the hook with viewers either.  Some have called her sour, mean, callous, and a BITTER GINGER.  What do you think….Also Lauren, the youngest of the Manzo children, steps on the scene after having lost 35lbs with the lap band.  On the Wendy Williams show- Theresa stated that she works out and states that Lauren is too young without even having had children to have gone through with the surgery.  I think she definitely has a point.  And Wendy proceeds to call Theresa nuts, and saying that she has changed.  I believe it!  What about Theresa stating on the WW show that she wants her own cooking show?  Wendy- as funny as she is, she too stated that Theresa will end up on a cancelled show like Dina Manzo- remember that?  Dina’s party on HGTV turned into Dina’s funeral…. Is Danielle Staub coming back to the show- HOPEFULLY NEVER.  Also there is some speculation that Theresa will get booted off if no coast members want to engage with her.  Kathy Wakile takes her shot- and her sister Rosie can be heard screaming backstage....Can't wait for the Reunion Part II....

The Real Housewives of New York:  The ladies go one last round at the season book launching party of Carol Radziwill for The Widows Guide to Sex and Dating.  Aviva just won’t let up on Ramona.  She gives it to her every chance she gets.  Go team Aviva!!   But seriously enough is enough already.  Then Heather proceeds to let loose on Sonja Morgan.  And if you notice the men in the background, they just stay out of it.  So the boys are just gonna let the girls dig holes for themselves.  And Carol is so embarrassed she has to tell Aviva and Ramona to calm down.  These ladies always seem to pick the most inappropriate times to butt heads.  They definitely have lost their sense of class and their marbles.  Also, do you think it was okay for Aviva to walk the catwalk at Heather's charity fashion show sans the jacket???

 Bad Girls Club 9:  What can we really say about this clear making of a train wreck.  The new girl Natasha is not even there a week and is already in tears.  But I believe it’s fueled by the alcohol.  You know how some people just can’t seem to hold their liquor?  Well, that is Natasha, and the girls have already smelled weakness- in particular Julie, who is so enamored with herself that she is running the house- yeah- right into the damn ground!  And what’s next, the poor girls should be packing her bags soon, maybe in the next episode.  Gosh, I just can’t wait for this crap to get off the air already.  It’s just the same thing week after week.  But it was nice to see Erica from season 8 when the ladies (if you can call them that) went on a trip to Atlanta.

  Survivor:  I really don’t know who my favorite character is so far.  What do you think?   Will it be as exciting as the last few seasons?? Read More Details Here!!

Honey Boo Boo:  This fiesta of white trash is going for another season, and it looks like they will also get special added episodes for the holidays....This is a mess, but you can't help but love her, she is soooo cute (minus her mom) !!!

Lark Voorhees- Saved by the Bell:  What went wrong??

Her mom claims she has Bipolar disorder.  What do you think??