Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Saga Continues..The Real Housewives and Other Mishaps

Blog Talk Radio Episode: The Saga Continues- Real Housewives and Other Mishaps
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Bad Girls Club Mexico-
Julie and Rima are having a great time “running things”, but the girls are in for a big surprise for the season finale, which I can’t wait for-  all the girls that were previously ousted will be coming back, and it seems Megan will have a big score to settle with Ashley.  I guess she feels she has something to prove so why not pick on the least controversial girl in the house.  Ashley clearly isn’t a threat, but Meghan was so upset that she let Ashley get her kicked out of the house, she is ready to go one last round.  I haven’t really spoken about this show much only because it really just makes my whole stomach turn, and in the future I don’t know if I can continue to watch- I keep hoping there will be something more interesting going on besides drinking and fighting, but I’m wrong every time.  I guess the Producers- or Influencers try to make them have sober moments by going on outings, like this week they went para sailing, but other than that it’s the same old damn thing- drinking and fight, drinking and fighting, and repeat!  That gets so boring- especially when they come on the show with other pretenses- not sure what exactly they are, but then they get fooled into acting like fools!!

In the Real Housewives of New York Reunion- Part I  Aviva explains the sad story of how she became disabled at the age of 6 and lost her leg in the conveyor belt.  And do you believe not even one of these cold hearted B’s shed a tear for her?!!  OMG- well this certainly explains why Aviva has such a hard time with so many phobia- flying and heights, because I have those same fears….And what’s wrong with that?  And what about Lu Ann getting on Carol Radziwill about talking behind her back- “That’s not the Princess that I know”  she said smugly….Carol is all about humble pie, but apparently was not willing to share her friend with the other girls who is a notable designer.  Don’t you just hate that when you think you’re friends with someone, but you are not allowed to use any of their connections?  And in my book, personally that is not a true friend… Just saying

Onto  Part II Reunion of the
Real Housewives of New Jersey: 
This BS is getting out of control!  Joe is now being questioned about whether he had an affair or not, and then Jacqueline spills the beans about how Theresa and Joe call each other names and fight dirty all the time, and how supposedly Theresa has caught Joe in multiple compromising positions (babysitter, secretary, etc). Wow- she is determined to fight dirty…but I am not a fan, they were such close friends at one time and why can’t she just let all of the dirty laundry they shared remain locked and tucked away…That is why it is important not to piss off the wrong people, or your business will be out in the streets!!!  Joe Guidice claims he was talking to someone named Albie on the infamous phone call that was aired- He claims if he was talking to a woman he would have thrown the attached microphone off into the bushes- but personally I don’t believe he is that smart quite frankly!!  But seriously all this fighting is giving me a headache….And for the first time they will have a Part III Reunion…Oh boy- it’s really getting grimy…Stay tuned
Congratulations to The Young and the Restless on it's 10,000th EPISODE!!!  This is the last Soap Opera Standing.  Sometimes the cheese stands alone!! 

Jeanne Cooper (aka Katherine Chancellor)

Welcome  (Darnelle Williams and Debbi Morgan aka Jessie and Angie from General Hospital  )
And don't 4get the LEGENDARY Eric Braeden (aka Victor Neumann)