Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reality at the Jersey Shore and More!!

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Jersey Shore:  Snooki is planning to move out and moves not even two houses away, around the corner in a small bungalow.  Sam and Ronnie are fighting some more- but seem more mature in their own way (it’s about time), and Mike “The Situation” is on a better path maintaining his sobriety, with a few fits of immaturity.  First of all, I had no idea, saw nothing in the news that would entertain the idea that Mike even had a drug or drinking problem.  So that just goes to show you that you just never know who is struggling with what…However, I did get a news flash on Yahoo- which I love , by the way- their news stories are more scandalous and entertaining more than anyone else- so I am a fan…But I saw something that shows Mike “The Situation” and the crew went on Ellen- and he discussed being sober, but now haters are crawling around trying to claim otherwise- that in a Las Vegas club in Sept.29,  Mike didn’t even remember his own name…Do you even think Pauly or Vinny would let that happen (were they even with him)?  So now- they have their boy Mike’s back tight- not that I could say the same for Ron.  But we never really know behind the scenes how close they all really are.  And Vinney is celibate while at the shore house (because he has a love interest back in Staten Island), and Deanna is without her  boyfriend- which I guess this must be her first serious relationship, so she just seems to cry all the time…  But the one thing I noticed is that Deanna lost quite a few pounds, so congratulations to her- I would say she shed about 15-20 at least and looks a whole lot better- so now Mike instead of making fun of her, is trying to cuddle up to her with compliments.  But in the meantime- Snooki is bored out of her mind not being able to party- and why isn’t Vinney acknowledging Gianni, as if he has some beef with him- Vinney says that Gianni should “dap” it up with him in order to squash the tension?  Well, it all goes to show you- never sleep with your house or cast mate- because everything is just now so awkward!    Maybe Vinney  is turning over in his mind whether Snooki could be the one who got away.  So look out for more Jersey Shore, next week…

And in the land of the Tandang and Kalibaw tribes of Survivor- it’s a new day for Lisa Welchel- she’s been given new life- while the Masting Tribe has disintegrated and the last two standing were split up on to the remaining two teams.  Denise is on Kalibaw- which for her means she is still on the losing team.  Meanwhile her former team member, Malcolm, who is now with Tandang received a warm welcome and now with his first win under his belt with the new team, the energy is riding high and he got to share in his first victory reward- cookies and muffins- how cute (but the sugar is what keeps their energy levels going.  But Kalibaw loses Dana to a non life threatening illness that she could no longer endure and decided to leave the island….  I also just wanted to mention how Jeff Probst is a real instigator…Does anyone else seem to notice how he stirs up trouble?  During the immunity challenge- Jeff seemed to keep pointing out how on the Kalibaw tribe Katie was lagging behind, and also how on the Tandang team, one female member (Abi Marie) sat out and had only competed in two challenges.  I think he tried to help manipulate the game as well.  Who knows they are probably paying him great money to help swing the outcome.  REMEMBER PEOPLE:  INFLUENCERS/ PRODUCERS- THAT IS WHAT THEY DO IN TV LAND.  Luckily for Tandang they won the Immunity idol to keep the team safe, but with the loss for Kalibaw- Dawson was the one who the team felt was the weakest link (and since Denise just got there, she went along with her newest alliance- the men of Kalibaw). So Katie remained safe due to the fact that she usually carries her weight- and the former professional baseball player was getting really nervous as Dawson kept dropping hints that she knew who he was- but at the end never even got to reveal her secret-  I would have yelled it out while I was getting voted off.  Just give a ghetto roar!  LOL


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month- I just wanted to mention a brief something about- The Bill and Guiliana Rancic Show.  They are such a cute but very feisty couple.  She is laid back, and he is clearly uptight and controlling.  But they are getting ready for their newest upcoming arrival- their baby boy which is being carried by a gestational carrier (but the child is with her egg and his sperm) and they bought a home in Santa Monica- from none other than MillionDollar listing agent Josh Altman and his brother- whose name I can’t seem to remember (so it must not be as important.)  So they are purchasing this home that is not even ready to live in- but this is in preparation for their new show they will be hosting together- Ready for Love??  Oy, yoy, yoy…  But Guiliana is a breast cancer survivor, and had a double mastectomy, and this is the reason she was unable to carry a child to term, her body just wasn’t strong enough- So to Guiliana and others like her – I salute you!!!

Now on to Tia and Tamara- Tamara got dropped by the show on BET, The Game (or REDUCED, as they would like to term it)- so she decided not to come back to the show.  In the show, her agent made it seem like the casting team wanted to go in a NEW direction- that is also what they said to Marissa Jaret Winokur when they said they fired her from DANCE YOUR ASS OFF - and then replaced her with MEL B- who subsequently helped sink the ship on that show, right into the ground.  So good for you Tamara- you show ‘em whose boss!!  Tamara said that she wanted to go out with a bang- So bang, bang , boogie- you’re out of a damn job…(if it were me, I would have been graciously faded out- at least I would have been working- but I guess in show business- it’s better to leave with your head held high, than with your tail tucked between your legs- or it could have been a stand off, maybe they gave her that option because they probably figured she would take the high road (oops- I mean the high and Mighty Road) and they saved themselves the drama of having to write her out of the show/ fire her…Meanwhile, her sister Tia was working on a movie pilot in New Orleans while 5 months pregnant and cute as a button.  No more independent woman for you…. And if you watch the show- you will find out what the hell I’m talking about.

Meanwhile- Bad Girls Club is finally over with the girls having their last photo shoot- but the girls that were kicked off came back and shocked the hell out of each and everyone of them.  So what happens- Mehgan wants to pick on Ashley, and Christina wants to fight Falen- but Andrea sits back and talks nonsense- no one says a thing, and Erica-gets in Rima’s face and Rima has nothing to say.  So Natasha, the newest cast mate says the girls all went out like punks- “isn’t this the Bad Girls Club”?  Yeah- but Rima then finally comes to her senses and the light bulb goes off when she makes a profound statement:  A bad girl doesn’t have to be loud to get her point across.  It’s about how you handle the drama is what makes you a bad girl.  You can get what you want WITHOUT all the drama.  But really, I think the girls were just scared senseless- because these four cast members would have really ripped them to shreds.  They scared me, and I wasn’t even there….Now- we just have to wait for the crazy brawl reunion which is sure to be just an even bigger mess, hosted by Tanisha from Season 1- And I just want to mention that I am glad they are pushing her career the way they have.  She really deserves it..

Also congratulations to The Young and the Restless, which is my favorite soap of forever-on their 10,000th episode.  I wish them all the success in the world and I know they won’t go off the air without a screaming kicking fight, because their fan fare is atrocious- so keep an eye out cuz I’m sure you will see a lot of previous soap stars trying to get on Y&R, if nothing else to just keep a damn job.  Case in point= Genie Francis (Genevieve/Felicia- General Hospital), Darnelle Williams and Debbie Morgan (Jessie and Angie from General Hospital/ now play Sarge and Tonya), but they better not put Susan Lucchi on, cuz I will be the first one in line to complain!!!